244cm Trampoline Protective Cover inSPORTline

1.00 KG
45x32x23 cm
Solid and durable trampoline protective cover provides the trampoline with a higher degree of protection, and thereby increasing its service life.

This inSPORTline trampoline protective cover was developed for the needs of users who have their trampolines placed in outdoor areas where it is exposed to daily weather. The cover is made of high quality and solid material, which protects the surface of a trampoline against all natural impacts such as rain, solar radiation, but also from mechanical damage by foreign bodies when the trampoline is not actively used. The cover is provided with a simple clamping system and manipulation is thus very easy. Using this cover provides your trampoline with higher level of protection, thereby increasing its service life.

Technical description:

  • Cover of high quality and durable material
  • Protection against adverse weather and mechanical damage
  • Easy handling
  • Proven to extend service life of trampoline
  • Designed for a trampoline with diameter of 244 cm
  • Made of non-toxic material

Trampoline diameter
244 cm
Against outside elemets
Safety net
With hooks

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