Massage Set inSPORTline Alavea - Pink

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A Shakti pad and pad with a large number of massage points provides a relaxing feeling, relaxes and massage various body parts.

Massage Set inSPORTline Alavea has thousands of needles that give a relaxing feeling to the massage and create a feeling of complete relaxation. You just have to lie down and the effect is immediate. This way you can relax and meditate virtually anywhere. You can take the pad to the park or lay at home. At home you put the mat on the floor, on chair or you can spread the mat into bed. The pillow can better focus on the area of the neck. For easy transport, the whole Massage Set inSPORTline Alavea is stored in the textile bag.

Technical description:

  • Matt dimensions: length 75 x width 44 x height 2 cm
  • Mat properties: 210 pads with 8820 acupressure pins
  • Cushion dimensions: length 40 cm x width 15 cm x height 10 cm
  • Cushion properties: 66 pads with 1782 acupressure pins
  • Filling: soft absorbent polyurethane foam 21D, environment friendly (can be removed)
  • Cotton fabric: 100% cotton without azo dyes
  • Acupressure pads with pins: eco-friendly ABS material
  • Textile case for transport
  • This is not a medical equipment
Massage pins
40 x 15 x 10 cm
75 x 44 x 2 cm
Number of massage surfaces

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